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911 Memorial Pictures, 911 Memorial Images, Freedom Tower Memorial

Welcome to the NYC-Tower photo gallery of the September 11 2001 attacks memorial. All our pictures in this gallery were taken on July 4, 2005.

A little bit of background on the site
These pictures are taken from the memorial wall on the east side of the World Trade Center site, on Church Street. It was a somber atmosphere. People from all around the world, a very diverse group, quietly viewed in awe the images and placards posted on the fence that surrounds the site.

It’s the only section of lower Manhattan that’s not filled with watch-salesman and T-shirt kiosks. It was an area of reflection — a "sacred" area that for some reason, is universally respected as a "no peddling" zone. Ironically, the towers that once stood on this very site were the very heart of New York city capitalism and free trade.

When viewing these pictures, try and picture what once stood in the open space that is now the WTC site. Imagine what, for many years, was a part of the New York City skyline. Think about the people who worked in these buildings, that are now gone. Think about the people who jumped to their deaths on these very streets — and think about the planes that once flew over this ground. Most importantly, think about the thousands of families whose lives are forever affected by the events that occurred on this very site, on that September day. Just think.

Enter Memorial Photo Gallery

It should be noted that although NYC-Tower.com is a website dedicated to recognizing the rebuilding of the WTC site, it is extremely important to pay respect to the thousands of lives that were lost on this ground.