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Progress Report: Ground Zero Projects

By: Jeremy Muncy
Tuesday, May 3rd, 2011 at 11:00 am


1 World Trade Center: It’s reported that it’s currently rising about one story per week, with 64 of the 104 floors built. Estimated completion: End of 2013

2 World Trade Center: Crews are currently working on the basement. Estimated completion: Undetermined

3 World Trade Center: Basement work is going slowly, full tower construction is in flux. Estimated completion: Depends on finding a tenant

4 World Trade Center: Steel is going up and the structure stands about 23 stories, rising about one floor per week. Estimated completion: Sometime in 2013

9/11 Memorial: Work is ongoing with opening day set for 9/11/11

9/11 Museum: Crews are currently working below memorial plaza. Estimated completion: Sometime in 2012

PATH Hub: Workers continue on as the costs are soaring, currently standing at $3.4 billion. Estimated completion Sometime in 2014

30 Responses to “Progress Report: Ground Zero Projects”

  1. Andrew Says:

    I read the remarks on this site and am confirmed that what a Holocaust surviver said to me is true. The freedom of this country will be its downfall .Karl Marx said that democracy is needed before you can have socialism.You are all right why dont we have bullet trains why does it take so long to build this building? The answer is because we as Americans are so divided were on our way to being like alot of the middle eastern countrys.Everybody so bent on being right that we end up with a pathetic pile of rubble we are fighting over, instead of being like the japanese and living by a code and building on that code like we started out doing.Unions built this country yes but now all they do is cater to people who want the money but dont want to show up for work to get it !they keep a sorry man on the job.And yes we need to address poor paychecks but we also need to address are we worth it …..I will be at the dedication whenever that is

  2. Robert V. Says:

    There was no conspiracy… This is however what happens when you give evil, just a little inteligence and freedom… The steel is already @ the 90th floor, and from what i am to understand, the building exterior w/ spire will be completed by summers end, going into the fall of 2012… There are contractors working on other floors (walls, electric, plumbing, etc) including the lobby area, but the main lobby area will be the last of the work to be completed… The building however will be open for occupancy sometime after the fall of 2013… By then we should see building 2 nearly completed… The whole complex will be completed by late 2015 to beginning of 2016. Source… The workers themselves as well as site foremans, and some of the local 3 gang…

  3. Larry Pines Says:

    Re: Erik Marshall – I never made a claim to any ‘conspiracy’ regarding the cause of the towers’ collapse. Read what I typed without inserting what you’re thinking.

    My beef is with the authorities who deliberately denied innocent victims (on Sept 11th 2001) a means to escape from these high-rise buildings – just as they have for years in other (shorter) high-rises in NYC.

    This is a link to a Youtube video demonstrating the technology I had proposed back in 1993 – http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4YI6UvL1fdI

    Check for more videos showing this type of device. They’re used world-wide but (for some reason) banned in NYC.

    Contrary to my detractors – these chutes are installed INSIDE the building with one chute per floor with the one above feeding into the one immediately below. With the manufacturer’s claim that 30 people (per minute) can safely evacuate – 3000 people could’ve evacuated in 100 minutes or, considering the time from crash to collapse, at least 1000 of the people who perished on Sept 11th might’ve escaped unharmed.

    Another device from ‘Escape Rescue Systems’ (developed in Israel) utilizes individual cabins strung down the outside of a building so occupants can exit via dedicated windows – even people in wheelchairs or on stretchers. THIS system even enables rescue workers to ASCEND the building. And, according to a story in a leading US magazine, this system has met favorable aclaim from NYC Mayor Mike Bloomberg.

    Unfortunately, according to the same story, THIS system requires trained operators and a reliable electrical supply to power it. The escape chutes merely require ANY person release them from their stowed position without waiting for first responders.

    Regardless, I find it very telling when US Govt authorities are all too willing to rebuff proposals and pleas from high-rise occupants for ANY proven means of self-escape from fires whilst simultaneously going to any lengths to acquire inventions which could be used as weapons.

    Any monkey can swing a hammer – using it as a weapon to gain something shiny but intelligence is measured by the ability to utilize tools in creating – not destroying.

    Remember the photos taken in the stairwells of people filing down the stairs as FDNY troops struggled UP? If each person going DOWN had used the chutes the firefighters would’ve had a clear path UP and an escape route back down. How fast can YOU run down a flight of stairs? Had you ever slid down on a playground slide? Don’t you think the slide is faster?

    QUICK! Before it’s too late. I call on all New Yorkers and visitors to Manhattan to bring pressure to bear on the proper authorities for installation of these escape chutes in the structure being built to replace the World Trade Towers. We may never have another terrorist attack but NYC has hundreds of fires each year and with that fault line running through it – it’s possible the NEXT earthquake could force rapid evacuation of the high-rises.

  4. Jeff Cathie Says:

    Ten Australians died on 9/11, just living their lives of freedom. They died united with the thousands of others who were killed and the many thousands more who are scarred by the trauma.
    Let no day past by us and those who come after us, where it is not remembered as is Pearl Harbour Day, always remembered, by freedom loving and caring civilized human beings!!
    Let all of us keep the memory of those affected by the hideous,uncivilized, unloved haunting our wonderful daily free lives.

  5. Brian Says:

    I can’t believe that I come to this site and have to read fighting back and forth in the comments section. Remember, people, Republicans and Democrats, liberals and conservatives, died that day. Democrats and Republicans, conservatives and liberals, are rebuilding it. That is what we should be feeling, not this division.

  6. Brian Says:

    I agree with a previous comment: Shawn your an idiot. Give it a rest with the conspiracy theories. Unions are not destroying this country but the Republicans are; Republicans want to make sure CEO’s and board members get richer and send jobs overseas. Do you have a problem with a person making a decent living for their family and maybe even send their kids to college. The only reason we have unions is because of the abuses of big companies preying upon their employees. If companies would pay their employees decent wages and benefits we wouldn’t need unions. The companies and their extortion of their employees has brought about unions. Blame the companies and not the employees.

    Furthermore, stop whining about the design of the freedom tower. Their will always be people that will not agree with the design. You can’t please everyone. If the building is not tall enough or not the right design then after the freedom tower is built maybe we can build other skycrapers in New Your that will top that one. The Freedom tower doesn’t have to be the last skycraper built in New York.

  7. Daymon Says:

    Shawn you are duped! Do you have any idea how many people, including every democrat in Congress, that would have had to be in on it? I agree 1776 works for me. Like the design too. Just wished it had been completed years ago! Great job everyone getting it done!

  8. Brett Says:

    I hope and pray that all the construction crews take care of themselves, and that the buildings under construction will not be damaged by this great storm, Irene which right now is near Norfolk, VA.

  9. Adam Says:

    Personally, I liked the lights and hated to see them taken out of the final memorial.

  10. Adam Says:

    To those who want a taller building: the total height will be 1776 ft. a fitting tribute to our nation that declared it’s freedom that year. We do not all agree on the design but the true memorial is keeping all those who died that day in our hearts and memories forever and this monument to their memory will help do that.

  11. Js Says:

    Shaun you are an idiot

  12. Katelynn Says:

    Does anybody think the 1000 feet will be finished in time for the anniversary?

  13. Shawn Says:

    I agree with Larry Pines. There was proof of conspiracy and everything had to be dropped. Its sad how we are told to stand strong and stand for each other, and yet we are told to look away from what we are to defend. 9/11 shouldn’t have happened. It was preventable and yet it happened. The true hero’s are not even welcome to the ceremony. I also enjoy the fact that the owner of the buildings increased his insurance on these buildings a short time before the planes hit. How did the third building fall again. It just fell, perfectly, like 2 very tall buildings that was build for freak accidents like this. Why did we stop questioning the truth and why was everything silenced after 9/11. We never got the answers we deserve. Innocent people died, on our land, in our faces, and our government tells us to butt out. George Bush tells america to shut up about 9/11 because it causes too much drama. WAKE THE HELL UP AMERICA. WE JUST GOT SPIT IN OUR FACES AND WE TOOK IT. WE HAVE BECOME AMERICA THE WEAK. Shed a tear for the death of freedom. we have little to none left and we have become nothing more than worm food.

  14. Kirk Says:

    Worst design for such hallowed grown. As we discuss this, China is putting up 15 buildings that are much taller and impressive.

    Victory for terrorists, local community activists and Silverstein who would rather see 20 story buildings put up in NY.

  15. Matt Says:

    Why didn’t we rebuild the Twin towers? That would have said to terrorist “Eff you!” And having the footprints of the towers empty is stupid. All that space wasted.

  16. Richie Says:

    Thanks to the government bureaucracy, the tower won’t be done in time for the 10 th anniversary. I really wanted to say to Al Queda, get this, we are stronger than you.

  17. Me Says:

    MAKE IT BIGGER!!!! We as America have to show the world that we are bold and strong as a nation. We need to make it the tallest building in the world

  18. Jason K Says:

    Being an architect & having lived in NYC for 12 years and actually watching the 2nd plane hit the WTC I feel that I have an invested interest in the new WTC development projects. I think that the new 1 WTC (known as the “Freedom Tower”) will be a decent centerpiece building to have for the WTC site. If I was able to influence what type of buildings should have gone there, I would have liked to see a building that would have been the tallest in the U.S., around 120 stories, with smaller buildings surrounding that tower to make the WTC more of a “complex.” The 4 buildings they are building now I feel have no harmony together. But I think having the footprints of the original buildings with the waterfalls & the monument below is a fitting tribute to have incoorporated. It will educate generations to come of what happend at the spot we once called “ground zero” and will hopefully bring some solace to the people who lost loved ones there. In a nutshell, I like the design of 1 WTC but feel the rest of the buildings, while fine designs in thier own, make the new World Trade Center feel uneven.

  19. bill g Says:

    Over 30 yrs ago I worker for Woolworth on Dey St and saw them building the World Trade Center. What magnificent buildings they were. No comparison to what they are building now.They should have rebuilt them 1 story taller

  20. Harold Argus Says:

    Pathetic. Corrupt, fat, incompetent unions are destroying this country. They will try to bankrupt NYC to build one building while the Arabs build 30 taller, better, and more beautiful buildings. Unions are killing our country.

  21. Mark Says:

    What a shame. Two 110 floor buildings are destroyed; everybody promises to rebuild them “bigger and better”, we end up having one single TIMID 104 story building with two open graves in front of it. Who commissioned this travesty: Osama Bin Laden? What a scandal. New York could and can do a lot better than this yellow cop out of a building

  22. Mary Lou Says:

    Hi there! I am surprised to see the construction going so smoothly on the Freedom Tower and the surrounding gardens. This is truly a fitting memorial to the tragic day of September 11, 2001. I will definetly be there to see the dedication of this extroidenary structure. It will bring some closure to the tragic events of 2011. My prayers and thoughts are with those families who lost loved ones that day. I, of course, will never forget that day. I still tear up when I watch the ceremony on television on the anniversary. My thoughts and prayers are with the families and workers of this Freedom Tower.

  23. Marc Says:

    It would have a special meaning to have some type of banner or plaque on the Freedom Tower at the point of construction that identifies progress at the time Bin Laden was killed. Not as an honor nin any means, but as a statement that the US will not surrender or give in to the extremist.

  24. Peggy Says:

    In response to Erik Marshall, I do not see anything Larry Pines has said that would imply he thinks the government caused 9/11. I think his post says that because of our own government bureaucracy there is always a conflict of interest that doesn’t typically serve ‘we the people’ and in this case, while not the DIRECT cause of 9/11 it certainly didn’t help matters as people were not able to safely escape the building. I think his opinions/concerns are valid and do not make him ‘crazy’. Just because you don’t agree that our government doesn’t deal with double standards doesn’t make you an authority to call someone crazy.

  25. Erik Marshall Says:

    In response to Larry Pines blog, your one of those nuts who stands outside the World Trade site wid those propaganda flyers saying how 9/11 was a big conspiracy by the government in order to win over public support for going to war. No one took you serious and they never will because you’re crazy. Keep your negative, conspiracy theories to yourself. This website is dedicated to show the world the progress going on at the World Trade Center site.

  26. Joey Says:

    Good to know there is progress on the Freedom Tower (I like the sound of that, by the way)and the WTC as a whole. I do agree that we should stop calling it ground zero, for it is been nearly 10 years and Osama Bin Laden has paid for the lives that he and his terrorist associates have struck.

    I think the time to move forward has come. We are going to stop Al Qaeda and the Taliban and show the world that terrorism is not okay, as it is harmful and in doing so that radical religious beliefs (and the actions thereof) do not justify anything.

    The only way for the friends/families and surivors of 9/11 to find peace is to move forward in a positive attitude. Branding the place with such a sorrowful name is only going to be a remainder of their solace in the period of mourning and grief.

    Our nation has been taking too many steps to “assure” justice. More often than not, victims of trauma find their peace not in the social providence of justice, but in the intrapersonal act of forgiveness and perseverance.

    Thanks for listening to my thoughts.

  27. Matt Cee Says:

    I propose we all stop calling this place “ground zero”. Ground zero is a term coined in war to mean a place that is to be bombed, a place of devastation and destruction. It was certainly “ground zero” on Sept. 11, 2001 but now The World Trade Center site is a place of construction, rebirth, renewal and rememberence. Let’s start calling it The World Trade Center once again, not in order to forget what happened there but to demonstrate our resilience and our strength.

  28. Larry Pines Says:

    So, what measures have been implemented THIS time to enable tower occupants to escape in the event THEY feel the need – even though the authorities (not endangered) advise them not to?

    Dinkins didn’t listen to me back in ’93 and (tragically) neither did FDNY Chief Burns when I wrote proposing the installation of escape chutes in dedicated fire-hardened shafts. At least SOME of those who perished on Sept 11th could’ve escaped had these been installed.

    Why is it only the determinations of self-serving ‘experts’ on a federal panel are taken when it’s clear to anyone their business interests are given priority over the lives of the innocent in their decision to deny ‘self egress’ from high-rises – ‘political payolla’?

    Ya know? They used to prosecute radio disc jockies when they promoted certain records over others in-return for cash and ‘gifts’ (aka ‘payolla’). Yet playing one record over another didn’t endanger the lives of people.

    It’s ludicrous to allow the president of a ceiling sprinkler company, presiding over the ‘egress committee’ on a federal panel, to rule AGAINST permitting building occupants self-egress from a ‘towering inferno’.

    Was Taylor’s rant (“We finally really did it. You maniacs! You blew it up! Damn you. Damn you all to hell!”) a vision of ‘things to come’? MAYBE – if this kind of official behaviour is allowed to continue unchecked and unpunished.


  29. Lily Winters Says:

    what is taking so long?

  30. Progress Report: Ground Zero Projects | consulting4architects blog Says:

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