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Freedom Stone Set For Rededication

By: Doug Caverly
Friday, September 4th, 2009 at 5:26 pm


A stone that was originally meant to become part of the Freedom Tower is going to be dedicated in an official ceremony elsewhere on September 11th.  The Freedom Stone will find its permanent home in a memorial garden located in Hauppauge, New York.

The ceremony will actually qualify as a rededication ceremony, so firm were the plans to make the Freedom Stone part of the Freedom Tower.  A press release noted, “Innovative Stone had donated the Freedom Stone to serve as a 9/11 memorial and cornerstone of the Freedom Tower at the site of the World Trade Center.”

Also, “The Freedom Stone was unveiled by Governor Pataki and Mayor Bloomberg during the ground breaking ceremony on July 4, 2004.”

Changes caused the Freedom Stone to be given back to its makers, however, and that returns us to the subject of the September 11th dedication ceremony.

A choral association, bagpipers, and some butterflies (which are to be released) will all make appearances at the ceremony.  It should be an impressive (yet appropriate) event.

A couple of side notes that act as supporting evidence: the Freedom Stone weighs 20 tons, and is granite with flecks of garnet crystals.  Garnet is the official gemstone of New York.

One Response to “Freedom Stone Set For Rededication”

  1. Catherine Says:

    Thank you for your mention of the rededication of the Freedom Stone. I have seen the footage of the Stone’s placement at the site of the new World Trade
    Center back in July of 2004. It is really a shame that the new builders decided that it was not “needed” when the plans changed. I wonder why it could not be used with the new plans. Is a cornerstone not needed? The rededication ceremony for the Freedom Stone befits an important piece of history that was part of the rebuilding process not only of the new towers but of our spirit as Americans.

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