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Remember 9/11, Love What You’ve Got

By: Chris Crum
Thursday, September 11th, 2008 at 11:25 am


It’s difficult to fathom that it has already been seven years since the attacks on 9/11. I remember how shocking it was to turn on the news and see the unbelievable events unfold before I was even fully awake. It almost seemed like I was dreaming, and I’m sure many others felt the same way, but unfortunately, it was just not the case. It was one of the most devastating days our country has ever seen, and certainly the most devastating that I have seen in my lifetime.

While we all have felt heartache over the attacks, a wound that is reopened around this time each year, I cannot imagine the magnitude of the heartache that those who lost someone in the attacks must feel. The only way I can truly relate to these people are through the news, documentaries, and films about what happened, none of which can even begin to capture the despair of the victims’ families.

I am just one person living far away from where any attacks happened,  who was fortunate enough to come away from the disaster without losing anybody close to me, but having lost love ones in the past to other circumstances, I do know loss and would like to express my sympathy for every single friend and family member that lost someone they care about as a result of terrorism. That is not limited to the September 11th attacks, but it is accentuated by them.

Condolences don’t take anything away, but everyone should take stock of everything they have in this world. Everyone they have. Be grateful for those you love, and for those who love you. Cherish the time you have together because it won’t last forever.

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  1. Kelly Novak Says:

    Thank you Chris, I agree completely. As I watched the memorial service in NYC online today, I sent each of my four kids a text message, simply saying “I Love You”. I am so grateful, that I got a reply back from all of them.

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